• How coffee bags keep coffee beans fresh

    Coffee bags are a popular way to store and transport coffee beans. They come in different sizes and styles, and they are used by coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers to package coffee beans for sale to consumers. One of the main reasons why coffee bags are so effective in keeping coffee b...
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  • Paper bags for food

    Paper bags for food

    Food bag/kraft paper bag/independent kraft paper bag Material structure: brown paper aluminized bag Bag type: three-dimensional zipper bag, good moisture-proof effect, retro environmental protection. Another general bag with the same spot supply The company specializes in making paper and plastic...
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  • Stand up aluminum foil zipper bag for food

    Stand up aluminum foil zipper bag for food

    We are aluminum zipper food bags manufacturers, professional custom packaging for more than 20 years. The characteristics of our plastic bags are as follows 1.self-supporting structure, can stand by itself. 2. Aluminum foil material, good moisture-proof and light-proof performance. 3. sealing zip...
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  • What are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags?

    What are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags?

    As we all know, plastic packaging bags are generally printed on a variety of plastic films, and then combined with barrier layer and heat seal layer into a composite film, after cutting, bag forming packaging products. Among them, plastic packaging bag printing is an essential process in the prod...
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  • Coffee bag selection skills

    Coffee bag selection skills The current form of terminal sales of coffee is mainly powder and beans. Generally, raw beans and raw bean powder have glass bottles, metal cans, vacuum bags, which need to be sealed packaging. A few low-end plastic bottles are used, and the most common form of instant...
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  • How to choose bag material?

    First, aluminum foil material Aluminum foil this material of packaging bag blocking air performance, high temperature resistance (121℃), low temperature resistance (-50℃), oil resistance. The purpose of aluminum foil bag is different from ordinary bag, mainly used for high temperature cooking and...
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  • what is the difference between the two kinds of paper bags? How to choose?

    In the global plastic ban, plastic restrictions, brown paper bags by more and more enterprises welcome, in some industries gradually began to replace plastic bags, become the preferred packaging material. As we all know, brown paper bags are divided into white brown paper bags and yellow paper ba...
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  • How to customize Christmas packaging bag?

    How to customize Christmas packaging bag?

    Christmas are coming! Christmas packaging can create a good holiday atmosphere. In the picture design of product packaging design, we usually choose Christmas fonts, Christmas colors (mainly red and gold), and Christmas patterns to set off the festive atmosphere. So that the customers who buy you...
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  • Composite packaging nozzle bag technology

    Composite packaging nozzle bag technology

    Flexible packaging industry practitioners are more clear, the origin of flexible packaging is through canned products and the extension of substitutes, commonly known as “soft cans”. In the composite flexible packaging products, the most can reflect the soft can of a product is the su...
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  • Why do most food bags use Laminated Packaging Bags?

    Why do most food bags use Laminated Packaging Bags?

    Laminated Packaging Bags are widely used in food packaging because food packaging bags both need to print and also need to ensure that food does not deteriorate, But one layer of the packaging material can not meet these needs. Most of the composite bag is divided into plastic composite bag, kraf...
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  • What Different Bag Types We Can Do?

    What Different Bag Types We Can Do?

    There are mainly 5 different kind of bag types:flat bag, stand up bag, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag and film roll. These 5 types are the most widely used and general ones. Besides, different materials,extra accessories(like zipper, hang hole, window, valve, etc) or s...
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  • What Are The Processes Of Making a Flexible Packing Bag?

    What Are The Processes Of Making a Flexible Packing Bag?

    1. Printing The printing method is called gravure printing. Different from digital printing, gravure printing needs cylinders for printing. We carve the designs into the cylinders based on different colors, and then use environmental friendly and food grade ink for print...
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